Pamtre Berry

Eon Island

As far as I remember, this was the first book I ever made. I worked on it together with two of my friends at the time, neither of which knew about pokémon, but back then I wasn't shy about making people listen to me talk about pokémon lol. Their names are present on the cover and title page along with mine, but they've been blocked out to preserve anonymity. All text descriptions have maintained the original typos in my young writing.

This book was really special to me, as I remember working on it during a sleepover long into the night. I nearly named this website "Eon Island" in reference to this, even though I now know the island Latias and Latios are from is called Southern Island. (I may have known that at the time too, but if I did, I just thought Eon Island sounded cooler.)


Text: Eon Island, by: [blank] [blank] and [blank]

There used to be a popsicle stick on the left hand side with rubber bands wrapped around the ends. This was how the book was bound together; however, over time, the rubber bands degraded and the popsicle stick snapped. The stick was a fancy sort that had square notches at irregular points down the edges.

You might also notice that it looks like there were words scribbled over with the brown marker. I don't remember exactly what it said or why I did this, but it looks like they might have been the area names within Eon Island listed out.

Title Page

Text: Eon Island, by: [blank] [blank] and [blank]

This page seems to have undergone the same treatment as the cover, but with black marker instead of brown. You can see a triangular corner of the table of contents page peeking out from the side.

Table of Contents

Text: Contens, 1. Mt Silverdew, 2. Eon Falls, 3. Lati Lake, 4. Crystal Cave, 5. Jagged Tree, 6. Hidden Secrets

Looking back on this is so interesting. What did I black out at the bottom? Why did I want a flap to hide the word "Contens"? I wish I knew. It probably wasn't anything more deep than that I thought flaps were super cool in books for that second one.


Text: Would you like to visit an exiting place with hidden secrets and amazing veiws? Go ahead and read this book if you do.

Part 1

Text: 1 Mt. Silverdew. March 21 The PKMN get together for dew day on Mt. Silverdew. They Celabrate the Soul Dew and the Latis.

I wonder why I picked March 21 specifically here. You can tell even back then, I thought Latias and Latios were the coolest ever. I was correct.

Part 1

Text: Every day except Dew Day there is a market on Mt. Silverdew. They even sell TV's!

The ditto selling the TV is still precious. Good job baby Tali. :) This may have been related to the TVs you could buy for your secret base in Ruby Sapphire & Emerald, if I recall correctly. I also thought secret bases were the coolest ever. I was correct.

Part 2

Text: 2 Eon Falls. Most PKMN like to swing off Jagged Tree and slide down these Falls. Some ride down off the river.

Part 2: Fold-Out Page

Text: Eon Falls is 90 Feet long and 50 Feet wide. There are no rocks so it is a smothe ride.

This was a fold out page. I respect younger Tali's commitment to the grind even though you can tell I ran out of space near the end.

Part 3

Text: 3 Lati Lake. The water in Lati Lake is pure spring water and fresh enough to drink. Pamtree berries grow under water there.

Here it is! My first documented love of Pamtre Berries! :D I had always connected Pamtre Berries with Latias and Latios in my head for some reason.

Part 3

Text: Lati Lake is crystal clear. It is Three to Eight Feet deep and 70 Feet wide. There is a kellp world under water there. Read more in the hidden Secrets section of this book. Pull->

Part 3: Pull-Out

Text: [From top to bottom] Eon Falls, Lillypads, Pamtree berries, KW, Crystals

This page was inserted in a pocket made by taping two pages together in the book. I'm not sure why I was so committed to adding scales and measurments on everything in here. The brown bit at the bottom is supposed to be a diving board I think. The blue bit on the right was the pull tab.

Part 4

Text: 4 Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave is realy shiny. It contains the Soul Dew. It has alot of crystals.

Part 5

Text: 5 Jagged Tree. Jagged Tree is soft and damp on the inside and jagged on the outside. It has tropical plants inside. The water from Eon Falls flows through.

This part was definitely inspired by Gen 3 secret bases. I always picked tree secret bases in the games. The river running through it was something I tried to recreate with a blue blanket in my loft bed, which I liked to pretend was my own secret base. (This "loft bed" was actually a hole cut out in the wall at the top of the closet, but that might be a story for another time.)

Part 5

Text: A clump of grass is beside Jagged Tree. That is the entrance. It is 20 Feet wide and 90 Feet tall.

I should start doing the math on these measurements. That sure seems like a massive clump of grass. Unless I meant that to be the size of the tree, since I don't seem to have specified that on the previous page.

Part 6

Text: 6 Hidden Secrets. On Mt. SD There is an undergroud spring.

Pop-ups of this sort were my favorite to make. The spot on the bottom left is another remnant of where the rubber band binding used to be.

Part 6

Text: It is called Dew Springs. It is the source of the clear water. This is a hidden secret of Mt. Silverdew.

I must have liked the texture trick on the grass clump, because I replicated it here to be a spring instead. It probably looked better before the book was squished in a box for years.

Part 6

Text: Behind the waterfall there is another secret cave. In there is a secret city with rock PKMK.

"PKMK" might be my favorite typo so far.

Part 6

Text: In Kellp World PKMN eat Kellpsy berries and hide from enemies in the kellp. PKMN that live there weave with kellp.

I must have had to rewrite part of the beginning after binding the book and cutting off the top here.

Part 6

Text: In Jagged Tree there is an emerald mine. That is why there is alot of green stuff in there.

The green scribble was just to cover up a marker that bled through on the other side. I like the implication here that emeralds just make other stuff green by association.


Text: Eon Island Diagram of IsLaNd ISLAND

*Nodding thoughtfully* Island Island.

Map Fold-Out

Text: Map of Island. Entrence, Road to JP, E Falls, J tree, Lati Lake, J tree water supply, Kellp World, C Cave, Rock World, Window, Vine, Path to Dew Springs

I remember being really proud of this art back in the day. I loved drawing maps.


Text: Latios Latios Latios

Bonus: Fold-Out

Text: Latios. Info, Moves, Stats, Breeding. Note: This is a beta Pokedex (also a sample of the under-construction one). Base Stats: HP 80, Attack 90, Defense 80, Special Attack 130, Special Defence: 110, Speed 110. Effort Points: Hit Points 0, Attack 0, Defense 0, Special Attack 3, Special Defence 0, Speed 0. Cry. Images.

I wish I remembered what website I printed this off of. If it looks familiar, please by all means tell me.

Inside Back Cover

Text: THE END!!!

The N looks like that because I spelled it wrong I'm pretty sure. The Emd.

Back Cover

Text: [No text]

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed this little peak into the mind of young Tali. :)