Pamtre Berry

Landorus-Therian Plush

Another 2023 birthday gift, and another pokémon from my gen 6 competitive doubles team. Everyone and their dog had a Lando-T, and I was no exception. Mine was named Hawkfrost, after the Warrior Cats character who had a similar face (to me) on the cover of the book Sunset.

As for the plush itself, it has an interesting combination of fabric types, with the stiff felt of the mustache, fluffy paws, and slick less-soft tail. The body is made from the same texture of minky that's used for most of the sitting cutites. The different textures makes it look a little haphazard to me, but that's kind of how Landorus-T's design feels to begin with I guess. Either way, I'm happy to have Hawkfrost on my plushie team. :)

Warrior Cats cover under the cut: