Pamtre Berry

Chandelure Plush

Chandelure one of my best and brightest friends!! I also got this one for Christmas 2023. Right now it sits propped up against a painting on my kitchen counter, since it's not able to sit up well on its own.

Chandelure was one of the first pokemon I ever tried to use competitively. Back in Gen 5, a friend said he wanted to battle me with a Heracross, so I figured Chandelure would be the perfect counter. I named her Nickkiller (after my friend's name) but unfortunately he never followed through so we never battled. Even more unfortunately, "killer" got censored when transferring through to Gen 6, and I can't change her nickname from regular Chandelure anymore. So I would name this plush Nickkiller in her honor... except look at it. It's too cute and limp to kill anything. But it's perfect just the way it is <3