Pamtre Berry

Gardevoir Hat

This was my first time making a plush that wasn't, well, exactly a plush. I cosplayed Gardevoir sometime in 2013 or 2014, and I didn't know how to do anything with wigs, so making a hat for her headpiece was my best option. And I think it turned out really well, all things considered! The hat did, anyway - the dress part of the cosplay I built using plush ways of thinking, which meant the sleeves were waaaaay too tight. Yes, fleece stretches, but that's more important to account for when stuffing it full of stuffing than when stuffing it full of your arms. Remember this. Also remember that fleece is super hot and while it is a cheap and available option it is NOT fun to wear in a crowded convention area and/or outside around Halloween when the weather refuses to feel like October should.