Pamtre Berry

Alolan Diglett Plush

I made this Alolan Diglett Plush sometime around Summer 2017. I had moved home after being out of state for a while, and my little brother wanted to make a plush with me for some reason, and we figured Diglett would be an easy one. It was actually pretty hard to get the base to work - we had to put in a circle of cardboard to keep it flat, because otherwise it would bulge out when stuffed and not stand up properly. Of course, this means you can't really throw it in the washing machine or handle it too roughly.

We went back and forth on whether or not to make it the Alolan variant, but eventually decided on adding the three strands of hair. Because they're made out of felt, they're stiff enough to be somewhat posable. All of the fabric is felt, and then the eyes were painted on with acrylics using tiny brushes and toothpicks. (Toothpicks are surprisingly great for globbing on paint in a controlled fashion.)