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Welcome to my pokémon fansite! The main point of this site currently is to recreate the "minigame" content of the GBA and DS era pokémon games. I recommend checking out the Secret Base Decorator and Super Contest Dress-Up games I've put together so far!

Recent Updates


This has been forever in the making, but my "Berries on a Budget" Guide is finally finished! This guide is specifically for getting the most out of your berries in a Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald file on a cartridge with a dead internal battery. Since clock-based events won't occur once a battery dies, berries can't be grown, which can make certain tasks like evolving Feebas difficult. This guide gives you the most efficient ways to make Pokeblocks to evolve Feebas without needing to grow any more berries than what you can harvest on a new save. (This is why I made the accompanying Feebas Tile Tracker so long ago, actually.) I hope this is helpful to someone!


New affiliate added, Hallowed Tower! Really neat new site with a focus on Gen 4, with guides on farming honey trees and catching Spiritomb. I'll definitely be using these guides myself when I pull up my Platinum version again!


A few things today! Added an old sculpture to the Fanart Page, updated the Plush Collection with eight plushes I got last year, made another site button (on the Links Page), and started a Fanfics Page. There's only two fics up so far; it'll probably take me a while to crosspost more from AO3.

I really need to find a better way of organizing the sidebar. I feel like the categories are a bit haphazard at the moment, but I haven't come up with anything I like better yet.


Added a few new (old) drawings to the Fanart Page!


Stillll busy unfortunately, but we have a new affiliate, Enigma Dreams! The different location pages on the site are a really creative way of organizing shrines, comments, and art. The design of each page is fun to look at and pays a homage to the different aesthetics of the games. Highly recommend checking this site out if you haven't!


Been really busy lately, but mostly not on the site, haha. I did add some of my Fanart and fixed some typos (thanks to A for the typo report!). Oh, and I forgot to mention the new affiliate,! Check them out!

Next month I'll be working on NaNoWriMo with my big Kingdom Hearts fic, so updates will probably continue to be sparse for a bit.


A few different things today!

  • Added a new affiliate, Legendary Birds! You can read more about them on the Links page as well.
  • Fixed a few typos in the PMD Friend Area Rankings article.
  • Adjusted the layout slightly on mobile to hopefully make paragraphs easier to read, with less blank space around them.
  • Added new pages for Pokémon books I made as a kid! It might give you an idea of what kind of web content I'd have been posting if I'd been a webmaster in the early 2000s, lol. Though if you look at them, you'll notice a few details that carried over even onto this current site. For now, this page is listed under "Collections" on the sidebar, but that might get moved to a "Creative" section when I organize the sidebar better. (I think some of the wording is confusing/unintuitive at the moment.)

And more to come... sooooon...


Happy October! Today I finished making pages for all the items in my Plush Collection. Maybe now that that's done I'll have some time to spend on cataloguing some new collections.

Also, a few more images were submitted to the Dress-Up Gallery!


Added Diamond/Pearl/Platinum compatibility to the Feebas Tile Tracker! The layout is the same for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for people playing the remakes. Though I know there are a lot of guides out there on exploiting the rng for finding feebas in the remakes, I hope this is helpful for anyone doing it the old-fashioned way.


Today I have something really exciting!! Luma helped me out a ton with the javascript on this, and I'm happy to be able to present the Feebas Tile Tracker! This is a tool you can use to keep track of which tiles you've fished on while looking for Feebas. Currently it only has RSE compatibility right now, but hopefully I'll be able to add DPPt in the future. Also, for once, this is one that DOES work on mobile! I know this probably isn't the most relevant topic at the moment, but if anyone feels like replaying Gen 3, I hope you'll get some use out of it!