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Welcome to my pokémon fansite! The main point of this site currently is to recreate the "minigame" content of the GBA and DS era pokémon games. I recommend checking out the Secret Base Decorator and Super Contest Dress-Up games I've put together so far!

Recent Updates


Today I have something really exciting!! Luma helped me out a ton with the javascript on this, and I'm happy to be able to present the Feebas Tile Tracker! This is a tool you can use to keep track of which tiles you've fished on while looking for Feebas. Currently it only has RSE compatibility right now, but hopefully I'll be able to add DPPt in the future. Also, for once, this is one that DOES work on mobile! I know this probably isn't the most relevant topic at the moment, but if anyone feels like replaying Gen 3, I hope you'll get some use out of it!


Added a few links to other cool pokemon sites and resources on the Links page. Also added a few submissions to the Dress-Up Showcase! First time getting a submission via tumblr, so that was nice!

Some people may have noticed that I've been fiddling with a new layout; if you happened to have clicked on it before I disabled the styleswitcher again and are stuck with the ugly unfinished one, click here to reset to the original style. (If you're already on the original layout, nothing will happen when you click.)


Fun news today! I finished up an article on the Friend Areas in Mystery Dungeon: Red & Blue Rescue Team. In it I show all the friend areas available in the games and rank them from my least to most favorite. I'd love it if you checked it out, even if it's just to look at the pictures!


Had some time to add the shinies for all the games up to XY to the Dress-Up Game! Also worked on some behind-the-scenes stuff that should make the page load better. Oh, and a few fun sprites like Missingno and the Decamark are now in the "Other" dropdown, so they can be dressed up too :D

Edit: now finished adding all of the shinies from Sun/Moon and Sword/Shield too! Also, a few more plush pages, up to Piplup.


Have done a few things behind the scenes but forgot to edit the main page here, whoops. Two new affiliates - Buried Relic and Swifty's HQ! You can read more about what they have to offer on the Links page. Definitely recommend checking them both out!

I also added a few more plushes to my collection page and added individual pages for plushes up to Metagross.

Lastly, I moved some of the past site updates to their own page, to keep from this main page getting too cluttered. You can find the link also at the bottom of this page, or on the sidebar under "Site"

I have a lot more plans of things I want to add, but work has been keeping me busy...! I hope I'll get to show you guys more fun creations soon though!!


A few minor updates today:

  • Added the "Home" button as its own link on the left sidebar, rather than making it inside the "Site" dropdown menu.
  • Shrunk the file sizes of most of the plush images, so the Plush Collection page should load much better than before.
  • Created a couple more individual plush pages: Vaporeon and Umbreon.
  • Gained a new affiliate! PokéPrint is a cute site with printable pokemon resources as well as digital downloads. I love the eevolution cursors especially, and the fonts should come in handy for anyone who wants to make game-accurate graphics (or anyone who just likes cool pokémon fonts). Definitely check this site out if you haven't already!

Added a very brief FAQ page since I realized I'd forgotten to make that earlier, whoops. I'll probably be adding more to it as I remember things I meant to put there.

We also have a new dress-up showcase submission: "A Mysterious Magician" by Mint!

Don't forget that anyone who wants to can now submit images from either the dress-up game or the secret base decorator via pasting a link on the Guestbook if you don't feel like tagging me with it on social media!


Finished adding the Gen 8 sprites to the dress-up game! I probably won't add Gen 9 or Legends Arceus sprites yet because the Smogon Sprite Project hasn't finished them all. That said, if there's a specific pokemon from those games you want to see, I can check if it's been sprited and add it if so. Just send me a message on the Guestbook :) Over the next little bit I'll work on adding the shiny forms of the current sprites.

Also, we have a new affiliate: Nose Club! This is one of my favorite modern-era pokemon fansites with lots of adorable art and fun articles, mostly centered on Nosepass. I'm still trying to finish the crossword on here haha. Also the interactive fic pcb0000 on here is INSANE and messed me up (in a good way). Can't recommend this site enough if somehow you haven't visited it yet!


We have a new submission to the dress-up showcase: "The Happiest Day" by Bluwiikoon! Image shown below. :)

Also, I've started creating pages for my pokemon plush collection. Feel free to check out the main plush collection page in the meantime!