Pamtre Berry


Frequently Anticipated Questions. Or maybe Feasibly Anticipated Questions? Anyway. Some of these I've actually gotten, but for the most part, it's me trying to answer stuff that might come up eventually.

Q: Is this site appropriate for kids / "safe for work"?

A: Currently all the content on the site is suitable for general audiences. With the minimal amount of kid-friendly spaces left on the web, I especially want to make sure this site is one where kids can play games like I could when I was younger. That said, some of the fanfics I've written on here might be rated Teen (highly unlikely to be rated Mature). If so, they'll be clearly labeled as such. Other than that, there is no profanity, gore, or sexual content on the site.

Q: The drag-and-drop games don't work on my phone/tablet. Are you ever going to fix that?

A: Hopefully. I am not that good at javascript, and the few workarounds I've attempted to far to add touchscreen compatibility haven't worked. This is something I would really like to make possible eventually, but I imagine it will take me a while to get there.

Q: Are you going to add Gen 9 pokemon to the Contest Dress-Up game?

A: Yes, as soon as all of the Gen 9 sprites are complete on the Smogon Sprite Project, which is where all of the sprites from Gen 6 onward come from.

Q: What other plans do you have for this website?

A: I'm currently adding my plush collection, and I'd like to archive some of my other pokémon merch too. Maybe even some of my cooler TCG cards (I have way too many to realistically catalogue all of them... though who knows, maybe that would be useful eventually, if only for my own record-keeping purposes). I also have quite the collection of old (like, stuff I made when I was 9) fakemon and fake regions that I'd like to put up here just for fun. Since I wasn't able to make a pokémon fansite in the grand years of 2006-2008, I figure I can at least share what I made in that era that has the same vibe, lol.

I have other ideas for articles that I'd like to put together, too, but I'd like to keep those a surprise for now, especially since it may take me a while.

Q: Are there any other games you want to add?

A: The Dodrio Berry Picker minigame from FireRed/LeafGreen has been suggested, and I think that would be fun. I'd also like to add the Gen 6 "Header" minigame from Pokémon Amie. I think it would translate well into a browser game, where I'm less sure about the other ones. Again, my javascript skills are incredibly far behind what those would take at this point, though.

Q: I have a pokémon fansite too! Can we be affiliates?

A: Send me an email at with your site name and button(s) and I'll check it out! My main rules are that I'd like my affiliate sites to 1. be focused mostly on pokémon, and 2. have content generally rated Teen or lower. If for whatever reason I don't feel comfortable affiliating with you, I'll be sure to tell you why. (I hope that doesn't sound like I'm planning to reject a lot of people; I just like being upfront just in case...!) I usually respond pretty fast to site-related emails, so if I happen to miss one and it's been a few days, you can shoot me another message.