Pamtre Berry

Mew Plush

Mew!! This one is a classic and maybe one of the first poké dolls I asked for. I distinctly remember looking it up on the Pokémon Center website back in the day when all of the plushes had super unique descriptions. I wish so badly that I could remember how long ago it was to Wayback Machine it, because the webpage was so funny. It said something along the lines of "What's cute and small and pink? No, not your appendix, silly! It's Mew!" I'm pretty sure this was the first time I had ever heard the word appendix. Like who even wrote this. I want to give them a gold star

UPDATE: Pika of kitschymew found the description that I was talking about!! So excited to have proof that this was not a fever dream lol. Also rip to Mew fans in Ohio in 2005