Pamtre Berry

Jirachi Plush

Jirachi! I loved Jirachi a ton when Gen 3 first came out - enough that, at a pokemon event I'll write about elsewhere, I won a screaming contest by shouting "JIRACHI" as my favorite pokemon. It completes the trifecta of perfect mythical pokemon with Mew and Celebi.

As far as the plush goes, it's still one of my favorites. I played with it too hard as a kid though, and one of the turquoise "wish tags" came off of its head. I was able to sew it back on, but that's why it doesn't look quite symmetrical. (It's the one on the right of the image, Jirachi's left. You can see it looks a little pinched in.) Really, those should have been attached more securely than with a single stitch.