Pamtre Berry

Ho-oh Plush

This one is really special, because I got it in person at the Pokémon Center in New York City, back when that was still a thing that existed. Going there was the only thing I was really excited about New York for on that family vacation.

However, I can't look at Ho-oh without regretting that I was never able to get Lugia. They were all sold out when I was there, and I never ended up grabbing one online. Later on the same roadtrip, when we were at Niagra Falls, I saw a kid on the bus with the Lugia poke doll, and I had never wanted to rob a kid more. (I was also like 10 years old at the time lol) Still, Gold was my first pokémon game ever, so it's only fitting that I was able to get such a special Ho-oh. :)

As for the plush itself, you can't see in the picture, but there's a little bit of rubbery material used for the color on the tips of the tail that's flaked off some over time. (I guess you can see it a little on the wings, though it's more noticable on the tail.) You can also see a little bit of fray to the embroidery on the eyes. Other than that, it's still in good shape for a plush I've had and loved for so long.